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Viability and adaptive governance of tropical island agrosystems

Person in charge of the project: 
Harry Ozier-Lafontaine et Valérie Angeon

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This research project focuses on the adaptation of agricultural systems in small island territories face of global change with land application as privileged small French Antilles. The choice of these small island territories is that they crystallize the panorama of issues related to global changes underway, and they are representative of the diversity of tropical environments

The question of the renewal of agriculture arises in the world with a certain acuteness decades. It invites us to look at the place and role of agriculture in a context of population growth, degradation and / or depletion of resources, climate change, globalization of markets.

This program is to analyze technical solutions, organizational, institutional and territorial implementation at the level of agricultural production systems to improve sustainability in areas facing small island so exacerbated global change and (ii ) to determine the limits. It is more precisely identify measures and practical adaptation options to support to sustain these agroecosystems.